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thelifeofkendraking: . I love following your blog and it seems to help me have a better self esteem. But I'm still struggling with my weight and losing some pounds but I try and be happy and still take pics and post on Instagram and stuff but when I don't get a lot of likes or comments like other ppl I know on there it make my self confidence go down and I don't like the way I look. Is there any tips to you have? I also compare myself a lot to other girls I know and I wanna stop doing that.


Learning to stop comparing yourself is another mental habit one must practice. Does it feel nice to be validated by others? Of course! But I find it dangerous to depend on it for your self-esteem. Sometimes one’s picture is not the most liked (this literally happened to me a couple of weeks ago with my co-hosts on my radio show, my pic got the least likes of the three) and you just have to shrug it off.

People may not always validate your aesthetic appearance or your pictures, but you have to have enough self-awareness that:

A) your appearance does not determine your worth

B) beauty is subjective, some people will find your attractive, others will not, facts of life

C) Sometimes less Likes is LITERALLY a timing issue where it didn’t receive enough traffic, or could’ve been helped with some more tags, etc.

One cannot take these things as a personal attack.

As for quitting that comparison habit, I think what worked for me was practicing rooting for people instead negatively comparing myself to them. That is just a matter of catching yourself when you do it and replacing the thought. If I would start to think, “That person is so much prettier than me.”, I would catch myself, snap myself out of it, and think/say, “That person looks great! Rock on!” Take the focus off of yourself, as well as practice thinking positively about people and include yourself in that. “That person looks great and I look great too! And we are all fabulous and hot in different ways!” I hope this helped!!